Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 28

The Writer and The Story

October 28th

As I wake up this morning… today I wake up in New York. I am literally only here for a minute and then out again. It has been a week since I have posted a meditation on writing. My body feels somewhat rested. My mind feels like it has been running all over the world. This morning I woke up think about Junot Diaz. This morning I need a jolt! A kick!

What is that thing that keeps a writer writing?

What is that that thing that keeps me writing?

OUR stories keep me writing…
Women keep me writing…
My daughter keeps me writing…

What keeps me writing is a very specific hunger… a deep desire to see myself, my story revealed. Writing for me is to see MY SELF reflected in books. There seems to be only one kind of story… Its that popular stories… and bullshit…

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