Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 29

The Writer and The Story

October 29th

As I wake up this morning I am thinking about all that I have accomplished during the month of October. This month I have been unstoppable… but my body is feeling it… my body wants rest. I am not complaining this month has brought me many blessings. I have had so much fun… but I am ready for rest. I am ready to disconnect. I am ready for some alone time. I am ready to not give and be open to receiving. More importantly, its time to refuel.

Today I am opening myself up to receiving. Over the past few days I have been giving a lot of thought to my speech at Hofstra last week…

Something happened…

Something that is really hard to put into words…

What I experienced before that audience was something unlike I have ever experienced and I have spoken at over 100 events.

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