The Masquerade Ball

For you on your anniversary because you taught me how to be kind, loving, generous and what a mentor looks like! I will love you always KB… Luz para tu espiritu!

The Writer and The Story

We all wear masks…

Today I am thinking about all of the people who I will walk by on the streets this morning, all the people I walk by daily, everyone in my life, those people I have just met, the people I may never get to meet, the girls last night who got into a fist fight on the bus right in front of me and my daughter—who just one minute before they started throwing blows smiled at me, or the couple last night who were cursing each other out outside my window she was threatening to leave his ass telling him she would have him thrown in jail and him calling her terrible names all while I was on the phone checking in on my pops…

We’re all just people in survival mode, who are just doing what we do, living how we live, many of us –…

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