Forgetting the Dream ~


Writing Towards Manifestation Day 2 ~ Forgetting the Dream!

Part 2: The Tale of the Far Off Land…

There is something calling saying LET ME OUT!

How have I gotten comfortable?

How have I regressed?

How have I blocked myself?

I am waking up from a deep sleep. After many months of staying comfortable, of blocking my good of regressing to an old me that doesn’t serve the new me. I am sitting with the words… I DIDN’T COME ALL THIS WAY to just stay here! How am I like THE JUMPING MOUSE?

The messages that really resonate with me about the story is how I almost let go of the dream, how we will encounter hardships on your way and how will we deal with them.

But the prominent message was around forgetting the dream. What is all of this for? Why even dream? What’s the point?

In the story of the jumping mouse there is a moment it sees its reflection and it is as if the mouse has lost its way. The mouse is sort of just moving around aimlessly forgetting that she even had a plan in the first place. The mouse had places to be.

Today I am seeing my reflection and meditating on how I may have gotten just a little too comfortable and forgotten about the dream, my goals and vision.

In this reflection I don’t even recognize myself. I have gained some weight—a lot of weight! I haven’t been taking care of myself! I have gotten a little lazy! I have forgotten that I have a plan, goals and a dream that requires my tending to.

And now that I have seen my reflection, am aware and awake I ask myself—what are you going to do next?

You will have to watch the Celebration video to hear the complete story about this magnificent mouse… here is what I will remember most about the mouse and her journey… she always believed that THERE WOULD BE A WAY!

Every obstacle the mouse was up against the response was…

“There will be a way!”

“There’s still more to go…”

“There will be a way!”

How will you manage?

“There will be a way!”

But you are too small…

“There will be a way!”

You don’t know enough.

“There will be a way!”

You don’t have enough.

“There will be a way!”

What if you fail?

“There will be a way!”

What if they don’t love you?

“There will be a way!”


Today I will remember to never lose hope. The little mouse reached her goal after all she had been through and the frog that named her “Jumping Mouse” said, “I give you a new name… I call you EAGLE!”

What is the dream you have forgotten? And what is your new name? My new name is HAWK!

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,


P.S. DEAR SANTA PLEASE BRING ME A COPY OF: cover jumping mouse

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