LEXI EIKELBOOM: Writer, Artist, Teacher, Student

Lexi Eikelboom is a theologian undertaking doctoral research at the University of Oxford on the topic of rhythm in recent continental philosophy and theology. When not teaching and writing, Lexi embraces both prose and paint as her medium of choice, describing it as “a way of depicting the abstract ideas that I use in my research to which academic writing cannot always do justice. Visual art is able to arrest the viewer by presenting ideas and emotions synchronically before the recipient has had time to argue them away, and can therefore incite honest self-reflection.”


Lexi has especially been inspired by the chora, the feminine dimension of Plato’s creation myth in which matter is formed.  She explains:

“It is a concept that has been taken up by contemporary philosophers and theologians to signify a feminine, pre-linguistic space of love that simultaneously gives us language and interrupts that language, shattering it into rhythms. I am also inspired by metaphors for theological ideas such as Christ as a womb or the Trinity as a dance, and by certain kinds of movement such as oscillation, repetition, fracture, interruption.”

Passionate about guiding people to find and confront themselves through philosophy, theology, literature and modern art, Lexi finds that visual art often allows her to express what academic writing often cannot.

We are thrilled to welcome Lexi Eikelboom to our In My Voice series!

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