What is one thing you are releasing? What are you letting go of? What are you done with for 2014?

And what is one thing you are calling forth… What are you standing in… affirming… The thing you INTEND to have in 2015?

The one thing I am releasing in 2014… Is POVERTY in every sense of the word… Poverty mindset, limiting beliefs, fear around money, forgetting that there is enough for all of us and that universe always provides.

The one thing I am standing in and calling forth in 2015 is an incredible amount of writing opportunities.

And so it is. Aché

As 2014 comes to a close I am meditating on how I set myself up for a challenging year by forgetting to do one of my most important rituals of the new year… I forgot to end the year with intention and begin the year with intentions. I did not establish goals for myself until much later in the year and that’s ok because there were things I needed to sit with and I am happy I caught up with myself and ending the year powerfully. How will you end this year?

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