I am thrilled to announce that one of my girls…

As I get ready to leave my house I wanted to take a moment to send a SHOUT OUT!!! To all the writers, to all the artists, to the educators and activists, to all those who believe in the greatness and potential of our youth… To our children of color… To the familia who supports and encourages us to never stop dreaming… a special shout out to one of the classes I co-teach at The Young Women’s Leadership School in the Bronx, the PLAY ON WORDS theatre club… because we believe in them one of our girls submitted her 10-minute play to the Young Playwrights For Change Competition, making it as a finalist and tomorrow night we will be watching as her play HEART OF LIFE is read on Theatre Row by professional actors. #girlsrock #girlsrule #writingforchange #dreamer #believer CONGRATS DESTINEE AND THE ENTIRE PLAY ON WORDS FAMILY!!! We going to Broadway Y’all!


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