Haitian Man Lynched Amid Dominican Republic ‬‪#‎NoMasRacismoRD‬

I am completely devastated at the news that a man was murdered in the Dominican Republic of Haitian descent. There are many things I am furious about… the first is that this “could be” a hate crime based on race, which is absolutely appalling. However, another huge problem in the Dominican Republic is POVERTY… there are people who are hungry. There are constantly reports in the Dominican news about youth committing crimes, robbing people, robbing homes, and assaulting women to buy clothes, to buy food. People are starving… people are without resources… people are discriminated against both Haitian and Dominican alike… Most of these people live in Bateys. There is a major problem of vigilantism in the country. People are taking the law into their own hands and believe it is “their right” to do so. There have been reports of suspects being dragged by the community in chains hooked onto cars in the streets of DR for committing crimes, burned and tortured—as a warning to others of what their fate would be if they dare do the same. This morning I blame not only the cruel humans who murdered Tulile, but I also blame the Dominican government and the corrupt police department who allow citizens to get away with murder! ‪#‎whenwillitstop ‬‪#‎NoMasRacismoRD‬

Please read story –

The corpse of a Haitian man was found hanging from a tree in a public park in the Dominican Republic’s second-largest city Wednesday morning.


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