The Moon In Leo!


The moon rising in LEO.

My sign is a powerful one. And this moon I’ve been paying close attention and tending to what I’m manifesting.

This was my moon rising internally.

Some of the things that have been on my mind have been about creativity, completion, transformation and serving.

This last month has been about spreading LOVE, recharging, planning and being open to the unexpected. February has been my month of LOVE and SURRENDER!

The more I surrender… the more I am being opened up.

And by surrender I mean surrendering control of things I can not change, surrendering control of all outcomes, surrendering in my writing practice and surrendering to all that is being revealed to me. 

About this moon…

“The heart region houses the power of our love. If we do not allow this to unfold, for whatever reason, then in the truest sense of the word we strangulate our heart. We have allowed ourselves to be persuaded that love is a sentimental feeling. It is not. the essence of feelings is their constant variation ; they are merely the accompanying symptoms of other things- thoughts and perceptions. One cannot build on something that is constantly altering like quicksand. Love is the thing that maintains us in life, that inspires us, that is always there- for you and for all of us. But only when it is given unreservedly, without ulterior motives, and expectations. The more one gives of it, the more there is!” – Johanna Paungger

Use this time for matters concerning:

Healing the heart and chest

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