God, Force, Source, Universe #20daysofgratitude


Never let them take your peace.

Never lose your faith.

Whatever you believe in… never let someone take it from you.

Day 3

I am grateful for good news and laughter. The world is in so much pain so it’s nice to just laugh sometimes and hear news that someone is doing incredible things.

I am grateful for awareness… self awareness… owning who I am and what I’m feeling, and the ability to honor what I experience outside of me.

I am grateful for my mother, for her strength, loyalty and love.

I am grateful for my father, for the integrity and sense of family he has passed down to me.

I am grateful for the home I have built for us filled with warmth, security, great people, and love.


Today I tag @mami @papi @ari @ricky @fabio

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