Brave Enough to Walk Alone!


There are reminders everywhere…

Be fearless
Be brave
Be different
Be original
Be confident
Be daring
Be atrevida
Be consistent
Be authentic
Be a risk taker

Becoming ok with walking alone… an art!

Day 5
I am grateful for musicals, so many have played a big part in forming me. #soundofmusic #westsidestory #chittychittybangbang #myfairlady #petesdragon so many beautiful memories.

I am grateful for people from my past… my first friends, Delia and Valerie, not sure where they are but they were my best friends and are the gate keepers to my beginning stories. They knew me when…

I am grateful for the blank page… a canvas I can fill with possibilities.

I am grateful for music, it can soothe my spirit and conjure every emotion.

I am grateful for light found in darkness. Looking in the right direction reveals everything.


Today I tag @Rock, Henry, Papo, Bobby, Stanley

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