Voices of Savages…


Why are they afraid?
What do they fear?
When we stand in our truth why is this considered savage?
We will not be silenced!

Day 6
I am grateful for understanding… being understanding is trying to grasp what another is going through, yet acknowledging they may never fully get it and that’s ok.

I am grateful for writing from the Womb, writing from the soul, writing from the wounds, writing from all the spaces that allow me to excavate, extract, explore, dissect, and feel everything.

I am grateful for train rides… I do my best writing, thinking, meditating, creating on a train… constant movement.

I am grateful for the girls and womyn I serve in the world. Our words are powerful. Are we using words that build, affirm, and love or words that crush, destroy and hurt?

I am grateful that my students are so open to the lessons I bring them.


Today I tag @rebeca Cindy Diana Clare Angie

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