BEYOND what I’m feeling…


Whenever I wake up with a headache I know that it’s tension.

I have had an intense few weeks. All the areas of my life seem to be interweaving in the most unhealthy ways. The time I have been giving to less important things and the lack of attention I have given myself has left me feeling completely depleted. 

Today I woke up feeling different… feeling better despite the headache. I am reminded to shift my energy, shift my focus, and shift my thoughts. Believing that I am somehow failing is defeat. How I conquer and regain my place is walking in the other direction … Coming to the page… As I sit here writing my headache is falling away. I am feeling better. I am… I am … I am… 

Those are the words I will walk withtoday. 


And so it is.

Day 8
Today I am grateful for time and space… for being provided the time and space to feel what I feel and figure it out is comforting.

Today I am grateful for heat… the heat in my apartment is no joke and I’m not going to complain the alternative is frigid temperatures. It’s really gratitude for the warmth that surrounds me both internally and externally.

Today I am grateful for hugs in the moments I need them most.
Today I am grateful for the ancestors who have come before me who have paved the way so I can know where I come from.

Today I am grateful for mentors who nurture the potential and greatness in others.


Today I tag the five I’m grateful for: nivea, jp, Charlie, Charles, Anthia

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