Time To Live!


It’s time to live. Not another, day, second, moment to waste.


Day 20

Today I am grateful for 
Spirit… the source, the force, that sustains me, guides me, protects me and those I love.

Today I am grateful for my blessings… abundant, daily, and found in everything.

Today I am grateful for my gifts. I didn’t always know I was gifted. I didn’t always know how to tap into my gifts. Today I stand in all that I have been given and understand that my gifts are to be shared.

Today I am grateful for purpose. Knowing what our purpose is… is not always easy for everyone to see. Purpose doesn’t just show up. You must look for it. You must recognize purpose when she arrives and be brave enough to answer her call.

Today I am grateful for legacy. I am grateful for honoring all that has been passed down to me. My writing, my work, my acts of kindness, my acts of service and my acts of love… all comes from the women who came before me. I am their legacy and they are mine.

And so it is.


Today I tag my five: Renzo, Peggy, baba, ifa, Olodumare, Olorun, Olofi, Oggun, Leo

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