Her Smile…


Something happens when I see you smile.

On the eve of your birthday I want to wish you everything your heart desires.

You make me so happy and my only hope is that I can continue to bring you joy.

Happy Birthday negra! TE AMO

A poem for you:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I don’t always like you…
In fact I was terrified of you
There was a truth in your eyes
That threatened me
Real love
Can be really painful
Our beginnings
We need a new word for rocky
A mature love…
A knowing
An understanding
Good FOR you
Good TO you


You grow into this kind of love
It is not instant
Not immediate
Not lust at first sight
Well maybe just a little LUST

You grow into this kind of love.
You grow into self.
Her touch
Your lovemaking
Brand new
She feels like safety
Definitely security
She is my reality
Someone to walk with me
Can keep up with me
Never in front of me
Not behind me
She keeps me company

Her inside of me…
A touch of certainty
This weekend…
Several times…
We came…
To see each other…
I watched her
My forever
In front of me
Her standing firm
Roots planted
Sembrando en mi
Un amor puro
Un amor maduro
Un amor completo

A lifetime in the making…

Preparado para mi

Her eyes
Her scent
Her hands
Her skin
Her opening
When we make love
I enter her body
Her body in mine
I travel beneath her skin to places even she has never allowed another
And she lets me
Have her…
When she’s in me…
I carry her in my breath.
Mi respiro

I had a vision of the perfect love…
She didn’t fight me on everything
She understood me
She allowed me in…
She never hurt me…
And then I woke from the fantasy
And she stood there exposed…
Even more beautiful…

My vision of love
My vision was untainted…

Then she showed up and disrupted my world
She shifted the ground beneath my feet
Forcing me to see
That she was a new kind of love
She… who is grounded in truth
Brutally honest!
Has something to say about anything. Everything
But she does apologize…
When I look at her
I see a life lived
And my life with her
She has taught me how to work… how to love
A lifetime of experience…
And I am willing!



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