40 Day Writers Challenge/Retreat and Expedition ~ FREE


Good morning loves,

I am writing to invite you to travel with me to Nepal!

For the next forty days We will be journaling on this imaginary yet extremely important trip. We will be writing about our personal experiences on this journey. This is not merely an exercise on writing, but a test of endurance, strength, power, energy, discipline and commitment. There are discoveries that can only happen when you decide to begin. And so, let’s begin.

We will be climbing Makalu, “The fifth tallest mountain in the world. Makalu, a stunning 4-sided pyramid, stands isolated on the Nepali-Tibetan border, close to and easily visible from Mt. Everest and the Khumbu Valley, but far away from the common tourist treks and climbs.”

The link below shows what the trip will entail and for forty days and forty nights we will be writing as if we were on this expedition together. This is an adventure. Everyday I will be posting a blog about my discoveries. I hope you will rise to this challenge. It’s really about writing. It is about asking questions. It’s about being open to all that will be discovered. It is about who we meet on the journey and the many lessons. I look forward to reading about your experience during our next NYCLWG meeting and in our weekly check-ins.


How to begin: write two times a day. Ten minutes in the AM setting your intention for the day and 10 minutes in the PM write a reflection.

Day 1: reflection and packing. Before we begin this journey, spend 15 minutes journaling about a special dinner held in your honor, all the people who attended, special meals prepared, and the messages they each gave you …. Words of love shared. Then, spend 6 minutes listing everything you will need to bring on this expedition.

Day 2: flight to Nepal and arrival

Day 3: travel to camp base/cabin – check equipment

Day 4: begin ascent up Makalu

Day 5: who we are thinking about, missing

Day 6: who we have met

Day 7: weekly check in and email to loved one.

Send me an email letting me know that you have accepted my invitation to findingyourforce@gmail.com. I will be supporting and sending you love along the way.

As encouragement I will be posting everyday. I am personally excited about this writing challenge because there is much I need on this journey. And I am open.

We begin tomorrow. Day 1, April 4, 2015.

See you at the top of the mountain.

With so much love,

One thought on “40 Day Writers Challenge/Retreat and Expedition ~ FREE

  1. Oh I so wish I could but I’m a late sleeper and have a demanding job. Not sure if I can make this commitment right now, however I will be looking forward to your post.


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