We Have Risen!





We are entitled to believe in what we believe.

Today I am grateful for being alive.

Grateful to greet another day.

Grateful for the people who love me.

Grateful for faith.

Grateful for the love in my heart.

On Easter Sunday I am grateful for Jesus. The stories I grew up learning was of a kind man who had compassion for the sick, who defended a prostitute, listened to those he came in contact with, loved everyone and was willing to die for all of us. I believe.

I believe in the kindness of people. I believe we were all born to do something great. I believe that in many ways we all die so that we can be reborn.
Today I celebrate Jesus.
Today I celebrate you.
Today I celebrate love.
Today I celebrate life.

Today we all have a beautiful opportunity to rise!


One thought on “We Have Risen!

  1. This is wonderful and I wish you a Happy Easter and stand alongside you celebrating Jesus, Celebrating you, Celebrating life and Celebrating love. There are a lot of things that can be reborn, ideas, goals, etc…


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