Nepal Trip ~ Day 31 The Paycheck-to-Paycheck Club!

I was reminded today that my resolution, intention and mantra for 2015 was that I would finally let go of poverty!

Finally letting go of poverty…

How do we define poverty? For most of us we have come to understand it as a circumstance that only a certain demographic lives under. Living in poverty means that some have while others have not. There is a group of people living in poor conditions struggling and barely making it. They are without hope, don’t see a way out and sometimes feel like they are the lowest of low.

How often does thinking and believing we are in poverty keep us in poverty?

“Poverty is is a mindset…” I have heard this cliche as a broken record throughout my life.

Today I said to the group, “do you think I had the money to come to Nepal and climb Makalu? To my family and outsiders I am seen as irresponsible, unfocused, unstable, unable to prioritize and frivolous for taking this trip when I don’t even have a stable job… when I don’t even have stability!”

To some they worry how you make ends meet? We, the paycheck to paycheck demographic.

Paycheck-to-paycheck was my way of life for a very long time. Every week it was a struggle. Every month an unpaid bill. I always only had so much. I could only do so much. Sometimes I didn’t pay a bill so I could go out and treat myself to something believing that I deserved it. Other times I was ashamed to share with people my real financial situation and the real reasons I would decline invitations. I often felt embarrassed that I couldn’t even attend an event that was only a $5 cover because I needed that $5 for train fare.

Poverty on this mountain… a mountain so vast so filled with nature’s richness and amazement. The world looks so small from here yet the problems feel so big. Today I am thinking about where I am and where I am headed.


I was reminded in an email that I vowed to release poverty this year. What this means to me is that I am done saying NO to invitations believing that I somehow lack the funds to attend. I am saying yes to the opportunities that bring me closer to the abundance I have waited for and called forth. I am saying yes to the opportunities I have manifested and will continue to manifest. This year I have let go of poverty! Letting go of poverty means I let go of the old beliefs that I am not enough and that I do not have enough. I am enough and I deserve to be paid my worth! This year I have let go of poverty and the payoff is greater than I ever imagined.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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