Nepal Trip ~ Day 35: What a full refrigerator says about you…


I know what it is to struggle and live in poverty and I am absolutely guilty of living beyond my means. There was a time I would brag about being able to make $20 last me two weeks. Those were happy times in my life. I was no longer working in Corporate America. I was taking classes at NYU and my spirit was healing from years of abuse. During that time in my life I would rely on help from friends and family who were incredibly generous with my daughter and I.

It was October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy was about to hit. I had nothing in my refrigerator… just a bottle of water and weeks old left overs. There were people running around in hysteria buying out every supermarket and the dollar store sold out of batteries and candles. I just worried about how hard it would hit and what I would eat. I was ashamed to tell anyone that I didn’t have food in the house. I texted my parents and sisters asking if I could borrow money to buy bread, pasta, water and juice. In literally (5) minutes my family wired me the money—fifty bucks!

I was so grateful, yet I was so embarrassed.

Me the eldest daughter…
Me the one who is supposed to lead by example…
Me the daughter that could and would do anything my heart desired…

My refrigerator was empty… and so was my spirit.

Me this woman who walks in the world, all 6 foot 1 inches lioness tall. Me this woman who is accomplished, talented, beautiful, and smart… I had no food in the house.


There are things that happen to us in our lives that can destroy us, that do destroy us… but then these are the very things that are intended to build us, strengthen and teach us about who we are. These things that happen are to mirror how we are living and hopefully shift our thoughts and ideas about who we are so that we can make a change…

I can’t say I have mastered the release of poverty and scarcity…

What I can say is that my new mantra is I AM DONE BEING POOR!

What I can say is that it was actually beautiful and funny when my friend opened my fridge and said, “Wow! I’ve never seen your refrigerator so full…” and she did a little dance as she said it!

To me that full fridge symbolizes how FULL I am in my life… The FULLNESS I am feeling is that I am over flowing and these days I have never felt more financially free… and so we eat!

For this I am so grateful.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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2 thoughts on “Nepal Trip ~ Day 35: What a full refrigerator says about you…

  1. Wonderful recollections that lead to the present – right now. I have heard it said that to Allow others to help us is a good way to practice Receiving and completing the cycle of Abundance for you All. Since we have All we need Right Now since time is not real. We just are not aware. I think that is where Grace&Gratitude does their work to bring in the light and blessings. Love Light and Blessings. It’s been a cloudy rainy day but my heart has been smiling in inexplicable sunlit joy.

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