Nepal Trip ~ Day 37: Arriving is bittersweet!

Today I arrived at the bottom of Makalu! This moment is everything. I am filled with mixed emotions. I have been with these women for over a month. They have shared their life stories with me. They have shared their pain. They have shared their reasons for making this trek.

Today we sat around our sister circle and each individual shared what they/we will take from this experience. Each woman shared a specific moment that has changed them. We were asked to each share our one thing with the group.

So many tears…

Tears of joy, tears of accomplishment, tears of sadness, tears of grief, tears of exhaustion, tears of what’s to come, tears of now what, tears of tremendous exhilaration, tears of endings, tears of beginnings…

Arriving is bittersweet.


I just want to be still… I just want to be in this moment… I just want to feel all that I feel.

Now that this climb is over there is so much I am feeling. For me this journey isn’t over. For me this journey is only beginning. We have decided to stay together for another week. We decided to stay together and breathe.

I am giving myself the gift of moving slowly. I am not in a rush to go home. Today I just want to enjoy all the amazing friendships I’ve made, this incredible feeling of completion and tomorrow I will write more.

Today my reflections are for me… today we breathe…

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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