Nepal Trip ~ Day 38: Not ready to leave! At my core…

My first thought today as I woke was I’m not ready to leave yet. It’s too soon… and the questions that have risen:

Will you come as you are?


Am I doing things from my core?

Today I went for a walk with Talika. We sat on the grass and she shared her life mantra. She shared with me the question she asks herself when she begins to question her purpose or the decisions she has made.

Is what I am doing the essence of me?

Is what I am doing coming from the core of me?

When Talika was younger she shared that she did everything for approval… she did everything for acceptance, she did everything for love and to be seen. When her efforts were met with what she perceived as rejection she began to shift and change… she began to question why… she looked for validation in a particular kind of person and discovered that at the root of her feelings of disapproval was that she didn’t feel loved by someone important to her.

She began to look for the essence of her.

She told me she began to take self inventory and what she learned was that she is pretty great, “I am a great listener, I am a leader, I’m athletic, I am strong, I come from a history of healers…


“Alicia, is what you are doing coming from the core of you?”

The core of me…

This was not something I could answer quickly.. it required thought. We needed to all reflect on the question. We sat in silence for two hours…

At the core of me lives a child… with child like dreams, child like hope, child like illusions that as an adult I see were stripped from me. At my very core I am love loyal, kind, an incredible listener, communicator and healer… my gifts are the stories I write.. the connections I form… the world I create… at my core I am pure! I am pure love… thank you Talika for the reminder.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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