Nepal Trip ~ Day 41 – Sucking the Bone Marrow Dry…


Today I spent the day with Bhanupriya. She is this bright light like the most vibrant rainbow. She exudes positivity through her pores. She is authentic and real. You believe who she is without question. On this journey I have lived for her stories, the most amazing story teller. At the end of most days her singing is what has helped to put me to sleep on the most restless of evenings. I love Bhanu’s voice shes patient and soothing.

She has traveled all over the world. Back home she was a teacher from a village in Meghalaya. It was a small school she opened in her bamoo hut. There she taught all of the girls from the village. She described her garden in such a way that you could see the bright yellows and reds. She has this gift of drawing you in.

My time with her has been mesmerizing…

Her final lesson for me was more of a warning.

“People are like leeches… they latch on and suck the blood from your marrow…”

She reminded me that I need to protect my sacred spiritual space and that not everyone should be welcomed… its ok for me to love many but it doesn’t mean that everyone should have open access to me, my home, my time or my life.


What am I going home to? Who are really the people I want near me? How will I protect myself? It really isn’t my job to let someone know that they are toxic and that this is the reason I can’t be around them… I am protecting myself.

Today I am thinking about boundaries and leeches… I am not interested in engaging or enteraining conversations that are negative or poisonous or hurtful towards another. As I prepare for my return I am stocking up on my anti-leech repellent and protecting my sacred space with my life…

Dedicated to my dear friend and sister Nivea Castro who is in mourning… may she know she is loved and looked after.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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