Nepal Trip ~ Day 42: Resentment or Magic?

Chandani is the person who closes the day she makes sure that we are comfortable at night. She leads us in prayer and meditation daily.

How do you take all you’ve learned and apply it to your life?

Today I am sitting with everything Chandani has taught me. Today I carry everything she has provided for the group. Chandani is such a special woman, she is 63 years old. A full head of white hair that follows her while she walks. She only wears it out when we gather around the fire and closes our day. These are the moments I want to carry with me. As I prepare to leave I am thinking about rituals that are for my greatest good. During meditation she guides us through every emotion we could be experiencing loneliness, home sickness, fear, sadness, hope, anger, love, strength, envy, worry, resentment. She has addressed anything we could be experiencing internally or externally. She has this gift of soothing you with her touch and her voice. This is what I have admired and witnessed the most from her… that in her touch and in her voice it carries great power… power to heal or power to destroy… Chandani whispers, “which will I choose?”


For a very long time I was angry… for a long time I held onto resentment. Resentment is like holding onto that last bite of a favorite meal or an abusive lover.

I was thinking about something my love said to me moths ago, “you have magic! You have this ability to make people feel safe like they could tell you anything… they become completely naked in front of you they pour their hearts out to you — you have magic…”

This is probably one of the most beautiful and powerful things ever said to me. Just the knowing that I have this effect on people is humbling, it is beautiful, it makes me feel special and it is truly an honor and blessing one I am so grateful for.

How will I use this power?

How will I use my magic?

Will I build or destoy?
Will I lift or stomp all over?
Will I hold or hate?
Will I encourage or bully?
Will I be at peace or walk in discord?

Today I choose to use my magic for all it was intended.

I will build
I will lift
I will hold
I will love
I will encourage
I will believe
I will grieve
I will cry
I will laugh
I will forgive

I will choose peace and magic everyday!

This is what my magic has given me. How will you use your magic?

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love,

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