Nepal Trip ~ Day 52: The Clothes Off Your Back!

I wish I could do more! I wish I could give more!

So many people have lost everything. People are in so much pain and feeling helpless, hopeless. At the same time I am overwhelmed and surprised by the amount of faith these people have. After having the walls completely crumble around them they still believe. They still seem to hold onto their faith. They are unwavering. They are kind. They give the little they have. They aren’t angry. They have surrendered. 

The non-stop chanting and praying that I am hearing hourly is a call for prayer, a call for peace, a call for aid, a call for divine intervention, a call for restored faith, a call for understanding, a call for clarity, a call for love and a call for more faith.

I have been asked by many in this lifetime: 

“How did you do it?”

“How did you deal with… (fill in the blank)?”

“How did you get out of such and such mess?”

“How do you believe again?”

I do not know what it is to lose everything you own in a natural disaster. 

I do not know how if feels to have a missing family member. 

I do however know what it is to be in such a depression that feels like the darkness is swallowing me hold. 

I do know what it is is to almost be living on the streets on more than one occasion. Living in terror with a fear alone that feels like failure, that feels like defeat, that feels like loss, that feels like death and that is completely paralyzing.

Some people will never understand the power of prayer. Some may never get why we must turn inward when what is happening outside of us seems so out of control. Some will mock blind faith as this belief in the unseen, that we are ridiculous because we believe in the most unexplainable things. 


I pray. I commune with all things I believe in. I pray to and for things that bring me peace, calm, quiet and understanding. I pray because to believe in the chaos would drive me insane!

I have watched in amazement how the people of Nepal have come together to heal, to help one another, to give what little they have, to feed and to support one another. I am thinking about those who give the shirt off their back or their last piece of bread. They give expecting nothing. They give believing that no matter what they are always provided for and rich beyond measure. 

Thank you for all you give. 

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love, 

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