Nepal Trip ~ Day 53: How Do You Heal?

How do you recover from a tragedy? How do we heal the hurt? How do we rise from the ashes? How do you deal with a traumatic event? How do you handle a disaster that feels so heavy its like carrying a freight train in your arms?


Beneath the ruble there are bodies that still haven’t been found. The death toll rises every hour. This experience is something I can’t even describe. People have lost lives, lost limbs, lost loved ones, they have lost everything.


When you lose everything…

Certain traumas will last a lifetime. Certain traumas can not be erased no matter how much we pray them away, no matter how much money we spend on therapy and buying self help books. Some traumas are the very blood in our veins.

This is what I am thinking about today. Trauma and the many levels of loss. 
The experience of grief. Of losing something. Of something being taken from us too soon. Of losing jobs, homes, and lovers. Some traumas can suffocate. How do we heal from trauma and get over our losses? Have you ever heard from people in your lives, “Just get over it!” “Are you still grieving?” “That happened so long ago, be done with it already!”

No one has the right to tell us how to heal from our trauma and loss. It is such a personal process and journey. It is absolutely connected to what we believe in. Our minds will help us to process loss in all its forms. There is someone I lost several years ago, my blood, my family, he was like a brother. There was so much I didn’t understand, so much I still don’t understand. He’s come into my thoughts quite often lately. How did I heal from this loss? I am still healing… everyday I believe I see him in the butterflies that appear wherever I am… whenever I find myself questioning or need a reminder that I am ok there he is and I believe I am OK! 

When we believe that we have nothing this is when we lose everything. For each of us loss can mean so many different things. There are losses that bring about insurmountable pain. The kind of pain that is unbearable. The kind of pain that makes it hard to breathe. The kind of pain that can hit you straight in your your throat taking away your very last breath. This kind of loss we convince ourselves we will never recover from. And this is valid. What I believe is that my losses and most traumatic experiences have come to reveal something to me about me. 

As I watch the Nepalese people franticly running around trying to get resources, food, medical supplies, tents to sleep I will hold the belief that they will heal from this traumatic event.

And so I pray…

I pray that they will rise from this.

I pray that their faith will be restored and strengthened.

I pray for their healing, your healing and my own.

I pray for help.

I pray people will provide support and aid.

I will pray with them for the remainder of my stay here and long after I have returned home. 

And so it is. Namaste. Aché

With all my love, 

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