Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

My flight leaves soon. I am going home! It has been a long journey. 

I have said all my goodbyes. I will miss my team terribly. There were so many tears, so much laughter, so many stories, and so many memories I have made that will stay with me always. 

Now that I am alone waiting for my plane to depart I am trying very hard to hold onto my peace. I can’t help but feel a little anxious. What will life be like when I return? What will my house look like? I have had to sublet it so that I won’t lose it these past few months. How will I pay the bills? What will I do for money? What is my next move? I don’t want to have to hustle. 

I am reading a book that Yamuna gave me. She wanted me to hold onto my peace and really understand the energy of money. The book is entitled, The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist. In the section I am reading she talks about pooling from my reserves, pooling from my resources.

Pooling from my resources. 

Today I am thinking about the resources I have around me. I have an unlimited amount of untapped resources. This comes in the form of people I have around me, opportunities I have had for work, mt creativity and projects I want to complete. 

How do we pool from our resources? How do we identify our resources?

First we acknowledge that all around us there are people willing to help us. This requires us to ask for what we need and be willing to accept help. 

I have been thinking a lot about money and starting from zero. I am coming home to an empty bank account. I can’t tell you how much anxiety not having money or income has brought me. Being at zero has felt like being underneath the dirt, feeling like nothing. Empty. 

Beginning again. Rising from zero. What does this moment look like for me? What does this moment mean to me? What potential opportunities can rise from being at zero? What are some positive things that could come from where I am in this moment?

I am beginning to understand what pooling from my resource means… it means that I can accept where my aid comes from. It means that I can access these resources wherever I am. I am attracting the opportunities that I need. I have people around me who are very willing to assist me, all I have to do is ask.


Beggars all around me. This is not new to me. The homeless issue in NYC is not new. There is not a day I don’t walk by a man or woman or children who have nowhere to live or food to eat. I have had countless encounters where people have stopped me in the street asking for help, money, any spare change I might have, or half a sandwich. Whenever I have it to give I do. Sometimes it is as simple as my offering a prayer for the stranger when I have nothing else.

When you give from a place of zero you have nothing left to give?

How do we replenish?

How do we refill the cup

As I prepare to leave today my prayer is that I not move in the world from a place of zero. I will remember to pool from my resources. And I remember to give often expecting nothing.

Today I pray for discovery.

Today I pray for clarity.

Today I pray for abundance.

Today I pray for the opportunities that will begin to fill my cup/bank account.

Today I am replenishing.

Today I will remember that I am filled with resources.

Today I am starting from zero but I am still rich.

Today I will honor that I am rich with ideas, I am rich with creativity and I am rich with love.

And so it is. Namaste. Aché
With all my love, 

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