Nepal Trip ~ Day 58: A Kind Act!


People have know idea who we really are and what we have been through. Sometimes its hard to remember the good qualities we possess.

“You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” – I can’t remember where I heard this!

I am on this plane feeling all kinds of things. I feel sad, happy, excited, afraid, nervous, anxious, grateful and filled with so much love. I feel all of these emotions all at the same time. One of the things I will most treasure about my time in Nepal was how kind everyone was to me. I was embraced with kindess. I was offered advice with kindness. Kind gestures. Kind words. Kind thoughts. Kind deeds.

This flight is incredibly long and that ADD thing is so not a game. I have a million and one thoughts racing through my mind. In between watching movies and resting, I am also writing and reflecting. I am thinking about the kind of person I was before this trip and who I have become because of this trip. 

Have you ever felt what is known as butterflies in your stomach? You feel like something is about to happen but you are not sure what it could be. It could be good it could NOT be good! I want to carry this sense of kindness. I want to remember to be kind to myself.


I am returning to my life filled with so much peace and experience as a climber. I am a woman who FINISHES THINGS! This is huge! To be able to start something and finish it! I must never forget this. In my moments when I am not being kind to myself I will choose to remember THIS!  I FINISH THINGS!

This is a 24 hour flight and there is so much to think about and plan. Its funny… on the mountain there was no plan. There was only the knowing that one must be ready for the unexpected. We must always stay calm. Remain present. Pay attention. Now that I am returning to America its the mentality of, “What’s the plan? You gotta have a plan! You gotta get there first! Go! Go! Go!”  I’m stressing myself out and I haven’t even landed.

I am thinking about the many things I want and the things I certainly don’t want. 

I don’t want to rush into my life. 

I want to protect my spirit. 

I don’t want to be affected by toxic people or places. 

I want to be surrounded by loving, generous, fun and kind people.

I don’t want what’s happening in the news to affect me, to paralyze me in unhealthy ways. 

I want to hold onto my peace when the news does affect me.

I want to feel good, centered, and at peace all the time.

I want to enter my life with ease.


I will be kind to myself with all of this. Today my meditation is on acts of kindness. How can I do something nice for someone else without them even knowing about it. How do I extend an act of kindness to others while remembering to be kind to myself?

I feel inspired to give of myself. I have a wonderful idea about how to be of service from the moment I arrive. I want to live in the space of generosity. I want to tap into my resources and reserves without feeling completely depleted.

Today I pray for kindness and generosity.

Today I pray for a gentle welcoming.

Today I pray for love.

Today I pray for patience.

Today I pray for strength

Today I pray for peace.

Today I pray for a quiet mind.
And so it is. Namaste. Aché
With all my love, 

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