NYC Latina Writers Group & Writing from the Womb Returns!

Beloved writers,

Over the years I have dedicated myself to taking care of others. Working with writers has been one of the most incredible honors I have held. Then I would spend many years working on a film that took me away from my daughter and my home, to finally return to work as an educator at a middle school in the Bronx. I deeply loved working at the girl’s empowerment organization where I served black/brown girls who looked like me and we shared a similar story!

At the beginning of 2015 I finished what I thought would be my last workshop for a very long time because truth be told my own writing was suffering.

The truth is I was tired. 

The truth is I felt depleted. 

The truth is I needed to reevaluate my life. 

The truth is I needed to look at how I serve. 

The truth is I needed to remember why I write.

The truth is I chose to take care of me.

And the truth is… I wrote a full length feature film during my time off!!! Thank you very much.

I believe that I am here for a reason. I believe that we are all here for a reason. It has taken me many years to understand that I have a purpose and many gifts to share. For nine years part of my purpose has been to create and provide space for women to write through the New York City Latina Writers Group.

In this space they have found shelter. 

In this space they have found a home. 

In this space they have found their voice.  

In this space they have never had their stories questioned. 

In this space they matter. 

In this space they have found courage. 

In this space they have been nurtured and encouraged. 

In this space they are supported.

In this space they are welcomed. 

In this space they have created the most amazing stories and developed the most beautiful characters. 

In this space they are ALL writers. 

And to these women who have shown up, who continue to show up, who brave the page, who have answered their call and to all the womyn still searching… I say thank you. Thank you for showing up and I welcome you back!

Welcome home!

I am thrilled to announce that both the NYC Latina Writers Group and the Writing from the Womb Writers Workshop (WFW) return this fall!

After last year’s WFW I took a much needed break. I needed to refill and give myself some of what I give to so many. Something I often tell people is that we cannot continue to do the work that we do… being of service… giving all of ourselves without taking care of ourselves first. And I have done that. I am so grateful for the time I have given myself to work on my own projects.

And now I’m back!

This time I’m being called to serve in a different way. I have decided that I want to provide an offering to women.


For every writer who registers another woman gets to attend for free…

Is there someone you know who has a story they are trying to get birth to? Do you want to work on a piece for publication? Are you ready to just begin?

Writing from the Womb is a gentle cocoon… all writers are welcome. From emerging writers to accomplished. We all have something to learn and share.

Register with a friend. Share the cost. This is a gift we give each other. Seven women register seven attend free!

There will also be an opportunity for writers to join online (email me for more details).

To reserve your seat and for payment information email

WFW Workshop Dates:

October 21 free workshop – via conference call

October 25 

November 1 

November 8 

November 15 

November 22 

November 29 

December 6 

The workshop fee is $420 for seven weeks. 

A non refundable deposit of $100 is due October 15th. 

Payment due in full by October 24th

*No refunds.


The New York City Latina Writers Group is back! 

We are back to the basics!

We are back with a vengeance!

We are back stronger and more fierce than ever!

We are back inspired and motivated!

I have been thinking about what it takes for us to write?

I have often wondered why it is that most of us will never come to the page?

I have prayed for moments of inspiration and creativity for all of us!

But more importantly I’ve been thinking about how one honors being an artist when we have bills to pay and live in New York City.

Several months ago a colleague of mine asked me a question that I haven’t stopped asking myself since the day she asked it, “Alicia, how do you do it?”

Of course she was referring to how one lives in New York City when they barely make enough to live. She was also referring to how I hold onto faith, peace and can stay tranquil amidst all the chaos?

Profound questions.

I started to really think about how I do it and what I found was that I was living by the mantra “everyday I’m hustling!” That feeling of hustling is more akin to feelings of desperation. How could I be an artist, follow my dreams, pursue my passion, support others, and be a writer when I have responsibilities to my daughter and my home and my dreams alone don’t pay the rent?

I have spent more nights than I’d like to admit crying and in states of complete chaos and worry and stress and anxiety and fear. But those days are done! I have finally figured it out! I have finally understood what it is that I need to do to honor both my responsibilities at home and my craft that I love so much. These days my choices are made with ease and my faith is strengthened.

I needed to take time off to think about how I could serve this massive group of women writers. How do I support a group of women who might be struggling, might need help, have given up on their dreams, are doubting their ability, need help but don’t know how to ask for it. For these women I have decided to be of service. I personally intend to fund writers dreams. This is my offering to you!

I will be awarding a $250 ~ ALICIA ANABEL HERSTORY WRITERS GRANT at the 9th Anniversary of the NYCLWG!


Must be an active member of the NYC (LWG)

Must be living in New York

Must be 19 years or older

Must be a Latina or WOC

Must have economic need

Must attend remaining NYCLWG meetings for 2015 and at least six writers meetings in 2016

For writers who have performed, published, applied for grants, have at least one draft of a manuscript, presented, or published works within the last two years (print or online).

Must be actively writing

Must submit application and writing sample by Sunday, October 4, 2015 at midnight Eastern standard time. 

Winner will be announced at the anniversary dinner, October 16th.


To provide direct funds for individual writers’ creative projects. To support women in advancing their writing careers and complete creative projects.




These funds can be used for (but not limited to) writing related expenses, research materials, utilities related to writing (Internet/electricity), rental space, writer-related travel, conference fees, website, project completion, professional and artistic development.

These funds cannot be designated for such things as personal vacation, full-time college tuition, or any items not related to writers professional, artistic, or project development.


How to Apply:

  • 250 word summary answering the following prompts: Why I write…, What I write about…, My intention for this grant…
  • 100 word description of project
  • 250 word artist statement
  • 3 page writing sample of project (size 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced)
  • Artist’s Resume/CV

*To apply send email to


I have much to share about the direction we are headed in. Mark your calendar’s:


September 18

October 9

**October 16 – 9th Anniversary Dinner** save the date

November 6

**December 4 – holiday party** save the date


January 8, 2016 

February 5, 2016 

March 4, 2016 

April 8, 2016 

May 6, 2016 

June 3, 2016

I look forward to seeing you at our first meeting.

With love,


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