“Who are you to tell the story of black people? 

“Who are you to tell the story of black people? It’s not your place! You’re not even black!” She said. 

Like I have NO right. Like it’s not my place. Like I am one of the white faces that come to our lands to take pictures with all that is exotic.

My stomach turned after being called a “white woman.” Her eyes turned crimson. The fiercest bull… her only desire was to take us out one by one. 

She denied me MY blackness. 

In one word she attempted to cleanse me of my ancestors. She tried to erase my roots. Devaluing my experience. Dismissing my life’s work. 

~ An excerpt and work in progress from my upcoming keynote! 

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One thought on ““Who are you to tell the story of black people? 

  1. Dear Alicia: I am a US born black woman and I think that it is great that you take pride in your African ancestry. I have been listening to and reading a lot of stuff on the internet about the DR . Some people with Dominican heritage that are much darker and more Afro looking than yourself, will go to extreme lengths to deny that they have any African blood. They will go on and post on various sites about how mixed everyone on the DR is, how the Dominicans have X amount of Taino blood, Arab blood, Spanish, etc, etc. I understand and realize that there were many different ethnic groups that populated the Dominican Republic. Still, the majority (not all of course) of Dominicans have some Black African ancestry. I also do not believe in the “one drop rule”. I do know that many Dominicans have a lot more than one drop of black African blood. Good luck with the documentary. I wish that I could buy a DVD copy of it to watch at home.

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