Giving back! An AfroLatina Retreat!

It is not every day we hear about people who give back! 

An incredible woman by the name of Icess Fernandez was the recipient of the Owl Award where she has chosen to fund a weekend writing retreat for 4 to 5 AfroLatina writers from different disciplines ‐‐ fiction, poetry, non‐fiction ‐‐ to explore the theme of identity: the AfroLatina experience in the United States and womanhood. 

What a beautiful gesture and gift she has been given and will share with five other writers. 

Over a month ago all over social media I kept seeing posts and reposts for a weekend writers retreat. This was not just any writers retreat this was an AfroLatina Writers Retreat so of course it caught my attention. It took me a while to decide whether not I should apply… money of course is always the first reason for why or why not we decide to do or accept something. 

I went for it…

I applied… 

How could I turn away an incredible opportunity to be surrounded by women who share the same social consciousness and self acceptance of identifying as Afrolatina? How could I turn away an opportunity of spending a weekend by the beach writing about the very topic I love and celebrate. 

I am honored to announce that I have been selected as one of those writers and am humbled by this act of kindness. I am beyond excited for this upcoming weekend. I have every intention of writing and creating the most beautiful work.

Aché. And so it is. 

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