TONIGHT FREE WRTERS WORKSHOP – Via Conference call (email for dial in information) #WFW #writers

No one can teach us how to write!
Writing for me is like breathing…   

This is why I write…

Writing my memoir was about completing something significant for my daughter and gifting myself my very first published work at age 40.

Writing scripts for the documentary Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story was about re-claiming my history, celebrating, and embracing my culture and identity fully.

Writing scripts for a podcast show would push me to write a little faster, clearer, more direct and with more intention.

Writing the play I Was Born pushed me to unfamiliar territory that kept me up for days at a time.

Writing a feature film gave me confidence in my craft and story development. My abilities as a storyteller were only getting more proficient.

Now writing a TV pilot I see clearly the worlds I get to create and the characters I get to give life to.

This is why I write…

I write as a political response to the experiences that have most effected me. I write to tell people the truth about the stories and people that matter most to me. I write to express the emotions that some of us are afraid of expressing. I write to give voice to all that haunts, infuriates, and brings me tremendous peace, joy and love.


No one can teach us how to write!

What I can do is support you, push you and provide you with a space to write your stories and assist you with getting to the finish line!

Join me this Wednesday for a FREE WFW Workshop – (via conference call) to rsvp email:

Below are the Writing from the Womb Workshop dates – please mark your calendars: 

Columbia University  @ 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Week 1 – October 25

Week 2 – November 8

Week 3 – November 22

Week 4 – November 29

Week 5 – December 13

Week 6 – December 20

Week 7 – group will decide a weeknight that works!

Syllabus and location address will be emailed once registered. 

See you all tonight for our free WFW workshop conference call!




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