Day 14: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Show, Don’t Tell… is a thing!

365 days of writing…. This is the challenge. There have been many reasons I’ve missed a day. There have many reasons for not wanting to write. I have come up with all the excuses. This writing challenge is the gift I am giving myself and my story. 365 days of learning something new, making new discoveries and asking new questions.

Today I am focusing on the story I want to show, not the story I want to tell.

Yesterday I went to see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s movie, By the Sea! It was filmed beautifully, set in France, Vanessa (Angelina’s character) and Roland (played by Pitt) are married, he’s a writer and she a dancer. One of the details I loved the most about the film was the setting, the hotel by the sea, the way it was filmed, and all that was said in the silence. It was beautiful to study how with few words they showed their emotions. The story was told through their facial expressions, the camera angles, and where they moved from scene to scene. There were choices the writer and director made on how to tell and show us this story. What choices are we making?  Let’s take our characters on a trip!

Show the back the story of how they met. And then show what made them decide to go away? Where do they go?  Show us everything.  Writing prompt: (30 minutes)

(1) The first time we went away…

Set your timer for 30 minutes. Do not lift the pen off of the page. Do not over think. Do not censor or self edit. You are writing from a stream of consciousness. Trust what wants to be written. If you get stuck begin the prompt again… GO!!!  The intention for these prompts is to help you flush out your story and look for the scenes you might want to write. Whether we are writing fiction or non-fiction there are moments (the great stories do this well) where we are called to feel things. Allow us to feel everything. Allow us to see everything. Bring us into this world.


Joining in on my writing challenge and writers commitment! Here are the TWO rules:

1. Check in for yesterdays writing each day:
How was yesterday? (post if you wrote, didn’t write, got stuck, need some support.)

Did you write? Did you find it challenging to carve in the time to write? If we are honest with ourselves where could we have begun instead of doing…….. (Fill in the blank-leave your response in the comments). Yesterday is done. We are not beating ourselves up. Today we get to begin again.


I AM committed to writing everyday!

I AM completely off FB or any form of social media until the days writing is done!

I WILL check in once a day everyday to share that I have met our goal!

If you are writing fiction or non-fiction, choose to write the prompt from whichever POV, or character you choose-i.e. 1st or third person.  Writing prompt: (30 minutes)

(1) The first time we went away…

Check in later.

Happy writing!

Alicia off FB, IG, Tumblr, WordPress – #WEWRITE

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