Day 42: Born to Write! ~ #wewrite


The day I realized I was a writer the responsibility of all of it rose for me. The attraction was instantaneous. The fear of the page was real. Before even getting my first words on the page I didn’t doubt I could do it. I said to myself, “fuck it” and wrote!
I taught myself the craft.   

When I first started writing it was out of tremendous desperation to get it all on the page. I wrote with urgency. I wrote with fearlessness. I wrote with excitement. I wrote with passion. I wrote with every emotion I was feeling all at once. 

I was writing through all the negative self talk and pushing past the outsiders who questioned why I wrote. An aunt actually said, “I hate that pen! You always have it in your hand!”

At the time I wasn’t consumed yet with fear of failure. I just wanted to write. I needed to get it all out of my body. I wasn’t worried about being smart enough, good enough, talented enough. That came later. 

14 years!

I have been writing for 14 years. I have taught myself, studied, researched, and risked everything to write. But I have also not allowed myself to be seen. I have kept myself hidden. I wasn’t ready to share my work with “actual publishing houses, agents and literary journals”. 

I have lost jobs. I have lost friends. I have “almost” lost my home many times. Yet writing has never left me. This gift of writing… Studying my craft means everything to me. 

Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of nurturing four women in going for it and hitting send on writing opportunities, contests, and literary journals. 

They did it! 

We did it! 

I did it! 

I had a vision for this writing workshop that I’ve developed and we exceeded our goal in huge ways. Now that my Writing from the Womb Workshop have come to a close, I am focusing on my writing. It’s my turn to nurture my gifts. I am now going for it!

I want to congratulate the writers for their bravery last night. And today I hope the people who visit my blog and read my work will share my campaign and donate to this amazing writing opportunity that has shown up for me. 

Thank you for your support. Have an amazing day! TENGO SED Writers Retreat

Writing Prompts: 

(1) I am willing to risk… (20 minutes) Writer or character can respond.

(2) Where I am headed… (20 minutes) – Writer or character can respond.

(3) When I get out of my way… (20 minutes) – Writer or character can respond.

Remove yourself from this exercise. Allow your characters to speak. Allow what wants to be written to find its landing on the page. Surrender to the process. Lean in and trust what wants to be expressed. 

Set your timer for the time allotted. Do not lift the pen off of the page. Do not over think. Do not censor or self edit. You are writing from a stream of consciousness. Trust what wants to be written. If you get stuck begin the prompt again… GO!!!

There are things we fear as writers. Certain truths we rather keep hidden. Let’s go there!

The intention for these prompts is to help you flush out your story and look for the scenes you might want to write. Whether we are writing fiction or non-fiction there are moments (the great stories do this well) where we are called to feel things. Allow us to feel everything. Allow us to see everything. Bring us into this world. 


Joining in on my writing challenge and writers commitment! Here are the TWO rules:

1. Check in for yesterdays writing each day:
How was yesterday? (post if you wrote, didn’t write, got stuck, need some support.)

Did you find it challenging to carve in the time to write? If we are honest with ourselves where could we have begun instead of doing…….. (Fill in the blank-leave your response in the comments). Yesterday is done. We are not beating ourselves up. Today we get to begin again.


I AM committed to writing everyday!

I AM completely off FB or any form of social media until the days writing is done!

I WILL check in once a day everyday to share that I have met our goal!

If you are writing fiction or non-fiction, choose to write the prompt from whichever POV, or character you choose-i.e. 1st or third person.

Writing Prompts: 

(1) I am willing to risk… (20 minutes) Writer or character can respond.

(2) Where I am headed… (20 minutes) – Writer or character can respond.

(3) When I get out of my way… (20 minutes) – Writer or character can respond.

Check in later.

Happy writing!

NOTE TO READERS: I’m so grateful for this community. I’m currently raising money for the TENGO SED “I’m Thirsty” Writers retreat in Costa Rica, I am one of seven writers selected for this amazing opportunity. To make my goal I need to raise $60 everyday until my departure. Please consider donating and sharing my gofundme campaign. Please spread widely:

With love,

Alicia off FB, IG, Tumblr, WordPress – #WEWRITE

Copyright © 2015 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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