Day 78: #DearAgent… On Getting Noticed! #wewrite

Day 6 of Agent Search:

Dear Agent,

I would be lying if I said, “I just want to write for the sake of writing, that “its not about getting noticed!”

That’s such bullshit!

I write because for far too long I felt powerless. There was a time I was invisible even in my 6′ ft. 1″ self. I have always felt small and been silenced! There were people who preferred that I shrink in order for them to feel large!

I think for me the difference is, are you writing to get noticed or are you writing because you want others to notice what you write about?

I write because I love it… writing is like breathing… (insert every cliché on writing here).

Yet, today I know I am writing because I have beautiful stories to tell and amazing characters that deserve to be celebrated and talked about. I write because if I don’t write the most important parts of me will die!

Today I woke up and the first thought I had was about my words grabbing the attention of agents and editors–this is what I am working towards. Emphasis on the word “working!” My intention for writing the stories I write is that I want them to be read. So in the meantime–I WORK! I WRITE! I STAY WITH IT! EVERYDAY I WRITE!

Today my writing goals are to finish reading the screenplay to “Carol”, work on a new scene and start reading Erzulie’s Skirt.

Writing Prompt:

(1) My character Ayida is scared about how she feels for… (Ask of your story, character, scenes, symbols or themes every question you would ask about their motivation and intention. What do we want to say?) Set timer for (60 minutes)Check in later. Happy writing!

With love,

Alicia off FB, IG, Tumblr, WordPress – #WEWRITE

Copyright © 2016 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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