Day 82: A Writers Goals & Sacrifices #dearagent #wewrite

I read the most beautiful article today sent to me by my beloved partner. (See image below) She sees how hard I work and the daily goals I set for myself. There is much I want to achieve. Thank you my love for seeing the achievement of my goals with me!

Note to self from Octavia Butler, 1988. A voice struggling against erasure and invisibility. (via @TheHungtington)

Screenshot 2016-01-29 at 6.28.52 PM

Day 10 of Agent Search:

Dear Agent,

You are looking for a writer who not only sets goals for herself, but knows how to meet deadlines.

The above image of Octavia Butler’s personal goals is inspiring. It reminds me of the vision I have for myself. And so today I keep going. I keep moving. I keep pushing. I keep writing.

Today I am thinking about sacrifice, the sacrifices that must be made… the sacrifices my character is willing to make to have what she wants.

As I began to write today’s blog on goals on sacrifice my character began to tell me the story of her sacrifices. She took me on a lovely journey back in time where I got to be an observer at a religious event. These are the wonderful surprises that happen during the writing process that stop us… and when this happens we must pay attention!

Today was a good writing day! I have met writing goals… I accomplished 4 and 1/2 pages of scene.

Stormy weather on a city street
Stormy weather on a city street


Writing Prompt:

(1) I know about sacrifice… (Ask of your story, character, scenes, symbols or themes every question you would ask about their motivation and intention. What do we want to say?) Set timer for (1 hour)

Check in later. Happy writing!

With love,

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3 thoughts on “Day 82: A Writers Goals & Sacrifices #dearagent #wewrite

  1. This was a good read, the conversation on sacrifice is one I am having with other writers…research-based writers. It’s been good. Writing creative nonfiction, how would writing about sacrifice be useful without turning into reflection is the question that looms as I consider what to write this weekend…

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