Day 83: Fantastic Advice On Writing The Plot! #dearagent #wewrite

Day 11 of Agent Search:

Dear Agent,

I’m too excited to keep reading. I am currently in the process of slowly and carefully studying Anne Lamott’s, Bird by Bird. The first time I bought this book was over ten years ago and I never opened it.

Actually, I have NO IDEA where that copy is.

So this Christmas I gifted myself a second version. I have been reading Bird by Bird on and off for about six weeks and today I’ve hit a section that makes my heart race.


There is something about this woman. This writer.

She is honest. She is vulnerable. She is no bullshit. She is generous.

GENEROUS is the word I am looking for.

She is generous with her knowledge, her process, her life, but mostly she is wide open about her journey as a writer and how brutal has been and can be.

We as writers live inside of ourselves. We live in our minds. We have complete stories written that haven’t even reached the page. Anne gets me! I feel comforted even if the section I just read sounds like this woman is in the middle of a nervous breakdown. I am comforted by how much of a fucking mad woman she sounds. Dysfunctional. Crazy. Filled with insecurity and confidence. Suffering from bouts of depression. Just like me!

Honestly I felt relieved.

I can breathe.

I am on the right track!


Yet what has me feeling FANTASTIC is that moment as a writer when you feel like you finally KNOW exactly what you need for your story. It came from a section where Lamott shares advice from her editor about what she needs in order to fix her story. “Write a plot treatment.” he said. “Write it chapter by chapter.”

These words may not mean much to you, and perhaps you may need some context (I suggest you buy the book). However, this advice means everything to me. This is just the thing I need to see where my story begins and where it ends.

And so…

Game on!



Writing Prompt:

(1) Write a plot treatment… (Ask of your story, character, scenes, symbols or themes every question you would ask about their motivation and intention. What do we want to say?) Set timer for (3 hours)

Check in later. Happy writing!

With love,

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