Day 93: After Rejection! #dearagent #wewrite

Day 20 agent search

Dear Agent;

Rejection hurts.

They say, “it comes with the territory,” “that for every NO a yes is on its way,” and that “when one door closes another one opens.”

People are filled with advice on how we should deal with rejection when it happens to us.

Sometimes we just want to feel how much it hurts.

Here’s the thing…

When you want something so badly, and you work so hard on it, and you want so desperately for your story to be heard and read by someone, by anyone who will get it…

When that rejection does come it feels like your story is the one being rejected.

It absolutely feels personal.

As a person who has served as a juror on several literary panels, I understand how challenging it is to score someone’s work. When I’m reading work I pay attention to craft and story. But I can’t help but feel that jurors also score by genre of interest.

I wonder what happens when a juror is not a fan of let’s say, young adult fiction set in an urban city, such as the Bronx, or gay fiction set in the lower East Side? I wonder whether they bring biases into the scoring process?

When you don’t see yourself reflected in a story, or you can’t really relate to it, how can you judge that story as good or bad? I have had countless conversations with people about writing in Spanish or writing in Spanglish, where I go back and forth using both to express how my characters communicate. However there are people who wish I wouldn’t include Spanish words, claiming it takes away from the story, claiming it’s too much work to look up a particular word. Claiming that readers shouldn’t have to work so hard! I challenge that thinking. WRITING IS HARD WORK! I expect my readers to be on this journey with me and get lost in it, and when there is a word they may not understand, like any avid reader WE LOOK IT UP!

I am looking for an agent whether they are White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Middle Eastern who will see me, who sees my story; who sees my purpose and intent. My agent will understand the depths and significance of the stories I am writing. I’m looking for an agent who sees the potential for a massive story to be created for film, read and translated into many languages. I want my stories to reach different cultures, traditions and religious beliefs. For me there’s nothing worse than putting your heart into something and then getting a rejection. Yes it hurts. However it won’t stop me.


Writing goals for today — sulk and post 2 blogs!


Writing Prompt:

(1) About rejection… why I must not let it stop me… (Ask of your story, character, scenes, symbols or themes every question you would ask about their motivation and intention. What do we want to say?) Set timer for (1 hour)

Check in later. Happy writing! Wishing you all an amazing day!

With love,

Alicia off FB, IG, Tumblr, WordPress – #WEWRITE

Copyright © 2016 by Alicia Anabel Santos

2 thoughts on “Day 93: After Rejection! #dearagent #wewrite

    1. It’s important that we remember that this is hard work but worth it. It’s comforting to see that those we see as great writers others didn’t want their work. The point is that we keep sending our work out.


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