Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

I am honored to be facilitating a workshop at the New England Latinx Student Leadership Conference:
Reconciling Identities: Sexuality, Spirituality and the Policing of Blackness!

Can you be light-skinned Latinx, practitioner of Regla de Ocha and a lesbian? How does one deconstruct racism and self-hate? 

Decolonizing conditioned ideas requires the deconstructing of thoughts: Who are you? What do you know to be true? Where did your programming begin? How are we active/passive participants of systematic oppression? 

Participants are invited to a workshop designed to get at the root of ideologies that have a choke hold on our communities. Santos will be sharing what traveling throughout Latin America investigating Afrolatino culture has taught her about blackness, identity, and sexuality and the work that still needs to be done to unite the diaspora. 

Register at: 


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