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In 2006 I launched the New York City Latina Writers Group (NYCLWG) with the intention of having a place where women could create, write and share their stories in a supportive and safe space. The organization has grown from the original six women who showed up one cold October evening to a complete stranger’s small one-bedroom apartment in Harlem, to the phenomenal 600+ membership we have to date.

We have grown and evolved as an organization. I personally have grown and evolved as a woman and writer. The NYCLWG continues to hold monthly workshops where writers meet to further develop their projects, but I have taken my leadership skills on a more personal journey.  

In 2012, I started a series of writing workshops, Women Writing the World, Rituals of Writing,  and Writing with Intention. After each round of workshops ended I began searching for the “ONE” workshop I could offer that would be different from the rest. One that would incorporate all that I have learned and am continuing to learn as a writer.

I was searching for that place we are called to connect to in order for our stories and characters to feel authentic and sound real! I wanted to journey with writers where we could explore the places they write from.  A writer with over 15 years experience, what I have come to know is that every day I am becoming a writer! With each word I am honoring my craft. You don’t choose writing for the money… if you are are a writer you understand that you were called to write!

This is where Writing from the Womb  and my 1 on 1 Writing Sessions was born. I understand that projects take time. Writing is a process. Writing can be lonely. There is so much that rises for us as writers, feelings of solitude, people who might not “get it,” and the fear and self-doubt that creeps up. Know that I am here for you. Believe me when I say–I get it!

I just wrapped up a wonderful writing session with a client who found me randomly online. She wrote 15 pages for an anthology in two months. I am so thrilled for her. I love what I do. If you are looking for someone who will be ALL IN with you and can gently, lovingly, yet firmly push you towards the finish line email me–I’m your Writing Midwife!

Working with Alicia…

“I gained a connection to myself and my writing by Alicia’s incredible ability to teach, guide and inspire with her presence, insight and skill.  From this experience  I will take a renewed passion for both reading and writing from a place of connectedness and sensitivity. I learned to connect to the reader and “take them there” I enjoyed Alicia’s spirit and non-judgmental accountability. I would absolutely recommend Alicia because she is a compassionate professional and extremely connected writing coach. ~ Client JT

About Writing from the Womb (WFW)

“What I am taking from the experience is regaining my confidence as a writer and knowing that I can write in different genres and go beyond self imposed limitations! I am leaving WFW with the inner knowing that my path in life is the path of a writer. It was affirming to be surrounded by serious writers, powerful sisters engaged in the brave act of telling the stories that haven’t been told. As a woman of color this is very important. I also gained  new friendships, writing partners, cheerleaders, and an amazing midwife (Alicia Anabel Santos). I would recommend WFW to any writer who is committed to developing herself and her craft. I trust Alicia Anabel’s ability to guide and nurture any writer, at any stage of her writing.  Academia would have us believe that one can earn a PhD in writing but at the end of the day, it comes down to you and the page and the choice to be vulnerable and sometimes that takes trusting another writer to give you that push. Alicia Anabel Santos is “The Writer’s Whisperer” and I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to write alongside her.” ~ Mariposa

“The confidence and motivation I have gained from this workshop is priceless! Still today, a week later, I feel the same fire I did on our last meeting… the day we all pressed send to our very first submission for publication ever! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for bringing this fearlessness out of me! I am eternally grateful for your love, commitment and guidance. I would definitely recommend this workshop to other writers because it gave me the ammunition I needed in order to move past that stage of paralysis I was so consumed by for so long. It is something all of us go through when we first discover what we were put on this earth to do. It’s just scary! And in this workshop, you helped many of us shake off that fear. I really enjoyed the warm environment you created for us. The bond of sisterhood that you nurtured by always leading by example. I enjoyed the way you cared for us and embraced us in all of our vulnerabilities, through laughter and tears. I especially loved the way you wholeheartedly believed in us, and in turn made US believe in ourselves! The only thing I would change, is to make this workshop a lot longer!!!!!!!!!! It went by to fast and we clearly wanted more!” ~ Carmen

Writing Coach Services Offered

One on One Writing Sessions: are designed to assist you in taking your work from draft to completion (ready for submission).

Weekly sessions -2 hour session ($60 per hour.)

Writer feedback, writing exercises and prompts (.035 per word)


$45 per hour (5-10 pages)

My accomplishments:

  • I have successfully completed seven rounds of Writing from the Womb Workshops with 50 writers
  • I am a teaching artist who has facilitated workshops and held space for over 600 writers and hundreds of students
  • I have been published and wrote the memoir, Finding Your Force A Journey to Love
  • I am an avid blogger
  • I am passionate about writing and teaching writing
  • I have spoken at over 30 colleges and universities across the United States
  • I have led over 50 workshops on writing, race, sexuality, spirituality and feminism
  • I have taught writing and mentored students who reside in the Bronx, New York
  • I have been invited as keynote speaker at various colleges and universities
  • I have designed writing workshops for Bronx Middle School Parents
  • Currently, I am drafting a writing workshop proposal to document our elders stories.

I am only accepting (3) clients for April and May. I can be reached at findingyourforce@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you.


Warmest regards,



Copyright © 2016 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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      1. I have been spending alot of time with poetry and blogging, but when I write more fiction, including short stories and novels I will let you know. My wife is my biggest fan. 🙂

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