A Path Has Been Cleared… ‪#‎DIGALEQUESI‬

A path has been cleared… ‪#‎DIGALEQUESI‬

A love letter to my first SEVEN supporters… I am writing to share the incredible news that I have reached $4,050.00 of my goal!

Several weeks ago I was on the phone with my godfather and we were talking about my plans, fears and concerns. We talked about some negativity that was coming my way… negativity that was affecting my thoughts and health. He said something that I have been saying daily ‪#‎DIGALEQUENO‬ / say NO to the people, places and things you don’t want to attract

#DIGALEQUESI / say YES to things you do want in your life…

The universe provides! The moment I said YES to the good in my life… a powerful shift took place!

I am about to embark on a journey that is completely unfamiliar. I am constantly looking for the spiritual meaning in everything. So when I noticed that I had seven donations it made me stop and think about how significant the number (7) is to me:

It reminds me of the seven African Powers / Los 7 Poderes Africanos
In the bible it’s the book of revelations
I was born during the seventh month of the year in the 70s
7 is the number of completion and perfection
There are 7 days in a week
Seven symbolizes change after the completion of a cycle leading you to renewal
This year is 2016 (6+1=7)
7 is the perfect number of divine abundance
It’s the number of creation
There are seven stages of consciousness
In Buddhism seven is the number of ascent and attaining center
In Christianity there are seven sacraments
In numerology the number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth it is always trying to understand what lies beneath
In Indian tradition there are 7 Chakras

I am so grateful to my first seven (I am grateful to everyone in my life who has been so generous) but to my seven… THANK YOU!

I found this wonderful description about this powerful number:

“Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual development, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, the esoteric, inner-selves, DEEP CONTEMPLATION, introspection, eccentric, religion, thoughtfulness, understanding of others, natural healer and healing, secrets, myth, ritual, peace, poise, emotions and feelings, inner-strength, endurance and perseverance, PERSISTENCE OF PURPOSE, the ability to bear hardships, quick-wit, the loner, solitary, isolation, long-sighted, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, intentions, manifesting and manifestation in time and space and good fortune.”

In a nutshell, this entire paragraph describes completely what my quest is all about. I intentionally capitalized three words mentioned above because they really made me feel warm inside. As an artist and writer one of things I believe in is our responsibility to speak certain truths. Painters and writers often explore the world that surrounds us, the world that we know. How does our work, what we represent in the world, and our contributions add to the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS? Are we here to add value or devalue? I am excited about this next phase of my life for all the ways it will bless me, but also all the ways I get share a collective experience with those around me.

DEEP CONTEMPLATION… wonderful words because it is not often that we get to leave our day to day lives and go to a temple and sit in silence. I am beyond grateful. This is something I am so excited about.

PERSISTENCE OF PURPOSE… it is a wonderful gift to be able to walk with purpose. It is a blessing when you know what your purpose is. To be able to get clear about my purpose and return ready to face my life and be PERSISTENT in pursuit of my purpose is absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you for your love and continued support. I am deeply grateful. Please donate what you can and spread the word. YEAR IN WHITE!

With love, Alicia

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.11.41 PM

Moyuba Olorun!
Moybua Olodumare!
Moyuba Olofi!

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