Day 165: WAKE UP! dedicated to #prince


Wake up…. Wake up… Get up Alicia!

The last time I heard those words was exactly a year after I found him
dead at his desk. My mentor! My friend! My boss! I think of him every
single day.

His name is one of the ancestors I call out to each day for guidance, inspiration and protection.
I was in the shower thinking about all of the things I want to say in my keynote at Keene tomorrow. And the words WAKE UP! Rang in my ears… then I was scrolling through one of my spiritual brothers IG posts and saw those words again. I hear the message loud and clear. I am being called to WAKE UP!

The writer in me has been asleep for a minute. I was thinking about authors and depression; writing and addiction… Meditating on all the amazing artists we have lost and what was on their mind in those final moments. What were the kinds of thoughts they had? What was their life like? Who did they have around them? Did they feel loved? Did they feel alone?

We must wake up!

Wake up to what’s happening around us!
Wake up to the people we have in our lives!
Wake up to the things we choose not to see!
Wake up to the lives we are destined to live!

Wake up to truth of who we are!

In the middle of writing this blog I heard the news that PRINCE has transitioned! So I will stop writing… Prince Rogers Nelson! Luz! Got the Purple Rain movie soundtrack on repeat! YOU WILL BE MISSED!





Do what you were born to do!

Live with integrity!

Don’t waste any more time!

Give of yourself, your time and your resources!


Beautiful ones I am wishing you LOVE!


Copyright © 2016 by Alicia Anabel Santos


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