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You are cordially invited to celebrate Writing from the Womb’s 3rd birthday!

I have lived this writer’s life for over fifteen years, ten of which I have spent being of service to hundreds of women writers and people of color. When I came out as a writer… that amazing moment when I actually said the words,


Happened while I was in bed reading with my brilliant daughter Courtney. It  was one of the most profound epiphanies I had ever experienced. People will say things like, “You will know you are on the right path when you start to see THE SIGNS, or “ALL things will be revealed in time” or my favorite mantra, “Everything happens for a reason!” Yes! I believe in all of them… I believe that there will be confirmations, miracles, and many moments where magic truly happens…

But there are NO signs! Let me rephrase… yes there are incredible signs… but there are NO SIGNS without the WORK!!!! HARD WORK!!! It is doing the work that revelations happen. There are no crystal balls–only forward movement.

Writing from the Womb is what I am thinking about today… I am thinking about ALL the writers, warriors, and fierce women who have chosen me as their “Writing Midwife” to walk with them on this incredibly lonely journey. WE, writers, are a special breed of crazy… I mean people. There is so much we have to say and often we fear we won’t have the right words. We fear we aren’t capable or qualified, but WE ARE! We have so much the world hasn’t even seen yet!

As a thank you and in honor of WFW turning 3-years-old, I am offering a FREE workshop

FREE Writing from the Womb Writing Workshop

Sunday, October 2, 2016

12:00PM – 5:00PM

Location: Private

Address will be emailed once RSVP’d

To rsvp email:

Over the years, Writing from the Womb has grown into the most sacred model of what it means to give birth to our projects and dreams. In this space we support one another, hold each other accountable, and celebrate each other’s successes. We have formed beautiful bonds of sisterhood, and commitment to learning our craft! WFW nurtures those who need a loving place where their dream of becoming writers can come true. You will be provided with the time and space to tell your stories and complete what you start.

I have many gifts to share… there is so much I have learned.

Each WFW class has been different! I suspect that this year will be even more special, because who knows, perhaps this is the year YOU will answer the call! Perhaps this year you will know that YOU ARE A WRITER!

The stories and transformations that have come from our time writing together have been amazing. These past three years I have organized six rounds of WFW workshops–one of which was a (40) week session designed to walk with women during a committed and intense round of focused writing. I have met many women who have risen to the challenge and brought their A-game… these women keep coming back! I have also known writers who have feared the voice that stirs within the deepest parts of them… a voice that tells them that “good girls” stay silent.

But we cannot!

We must not!

Our voices are too powerful to keep hidden. Our stories are so splendid, so rich, so important… our stories matter! We matter!

On a personal note, this is a very special year of birth for me… I too have a midwife. This is the year that I am giving birth to stories that have sat in my womb afraid to breathe life.

Fear is a real thing! It can be paralyzing! But today I am remembering that I AM UNSTOPPABLE! You are UNSTOPPABLE!

As your midwife, I have tender and lovingly assertive ways to assist you with giving birth to ideas that might just be seeds.

This year’s Writing from the Womb theme is:

Birthing The Story

Writing from the Womb Course Dates:

SESSION I – Fall 2016 (Cost: $533)







SESSION II – Winter 2017 ($640)

Jan. 8, 2017

Jan. 15

Feb. 5

Feb. 19

Mar. 12

Mar. 26

To RSVP and for more information please email:

It takes a tremendous amount of strength to give birth, one is never really prepared for the hours that come with labor. Some will never know the pain one endures in the moments of bringing life into the world. There is so much preparation and hard work that has to happen. It would be my honor and privilege to take you through the process and provide you with a comfortable place to give birth.

Reserve your seat today by making a $100 deposit at:

Payment plan is available!

With love,

Iyawó, The Writing Midwife


REFUND POLICY: No refunds or exchanges.

Copyright © 2016 by Alicia Anabel Santos

10 thoughts on “Birthing The Story! #wfw2016 #wewrite

  1. […] Over the years, Writing from the Womb has grown into the most sacred model of what it means to give birth to our projects and dreams. So many of us have been silenced by voices and people who try to oppress us, who tell us that “our story doesn’t matter” or that “we don’t have what it takes!”  Many of us have been paralyzed by fear. There are ways to get past this. As a writing coach, I have worked one on one and held countless workshops with many writers affirming their ability, celebrating their stories, and holding them accountable for getting the work done. I provide writing exercises, prompts, and personalized feedback showing writers the places to explore in order to further develop the characters and their stories. I am committed to each of my writers and know how help you find the answers to the questions that haunt. My goal is to assist women with “Birthing The Story.” […]


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