Writing from the Womb Workshop

Perhaps this year you will know that YOU ARE A WRITER!


This year’s focus in Writing from the Womb is about complete surrender to the process of crafting a story, living in the world of our characters, writing with intention and committing fully to “Birthing the Story!”

I have met many women who have risen to the challenge and brought their A-game… these women keep coming back! I have also known writers who have feared the voice that stirs within the deepest parts of them… a voice that tells them that “good girls” stay silent.

We cannot!

We must not!

Our voices are too powerful to keep hidden. Our stories are too splendid, too rich, too important… our stories matter! We matter!

Writing from the Womb Course Dates:

SESSION I – Fall 2016 (Classes meet on Sunday’s)







For more information and to register:

-Cont. reading-


With love,

Iyawó, The Writing Midwife


Copyright © 2016 by Alicia Anabel Santos

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