There’s not a single second of my life when I’m not thinking story…


“So I don’t keep a notebook of good lines, good thoughts or dreams. I have too many stories in my head rather than too few. Until very recently I had to grab whatever time I could because I worked at one full-time job, three part-time jobs and so on. When I was ready to sit down at my wordprocessor my head was so full of stories, the sentences were just pounding against my skull. And even now I realize that there really isn’t a single second in my life when I’m not thinking story. There are just thousands of people inside my head and if they’re ghosts they sure shriek real loud, all waiting to tell me their stories. I just transcribe. At my best I am a transcriber of those eerie voices. I hear them. Voices. Mine are really quite literally voice stories. I become the person I’m writing about. That’s why it’s easy for me to write from the point of view of a male Vietnam vet, because I enter the character so fully.” ~ Bhararati Mukherjee

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