When the words in a dream are loud

“So much of what we do in those hours when we’re actually making sentences, inventing characters and feeling our way through the threads of a plot, is hunch and feel-half unconscious and somewhat autohypnotic. Those rituals of getting ready to write seem to conduce a kind of trance state. …I am a poet of awareness if there ever was one. That’s why it impresses me how much even such a writer as myself-even such a writer as Henry James, who was the most aware and self-conscious of our classical American writers-works by hunch, feel, intuition and by following what might as well be called a kind of dream pattern. Borges, the great Argentine writer, said that it is written in the Kabbalah that when the words in a dream are loud and distinct and seem to come from no particular source, these words are from God.” ~ John Barth

I’m obsessed with this book, Writers Dreaming, it’s filled with wonderful insights. I’m dreaming and writing like crazy. This weekend I attended an amazing poetry workshop and during our sharing I couldn’t help but feel agitated about the many ways women constantly feel the need to apologize. As a writer, I have worried about how my words will be received, what people will think about me, say about me. So today I will listen to my dreams and #stopapologizing


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