The Value of a Great Story!


“I value story above all else. I’m talking about my written work-in the movies I value the images-but in the books I value the story. The story has its own meaning. A story has its own significance. And sometimes the characters in that story can almost become transparent. This is true in fairytales, for instance. In a fairytale it is important to know the precise significance of why the wicked witch is evil or why the evil queen is evil and why so-and-so is beautiful and good. They simply are.” ~ Clive Barker

I love writing. I love learning. I love sharing.

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2 thoughts on “The Value of a Great Story!

  1. Perhaps you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Those of us who want a real story prefer to read as little comes out of Hollywood anymore that isn’t special effects. However, I do admit a love for foreign films…

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