Day 3 ~ WFW Morning Sessions

“I am an autobiographer as opposed to a fiction writer. In my case I have to remember facts and try to use my talent or my art or my creativity to tell the truth about the facts. I submit that there’s a world of difference between truth and fact. Facts tells us the data: the numbers, the places where, The people who and the times when. But facts can obscure the truth. Because I write about a time when real people were alive-I mean, it’s not as if that is a time which I can create out of the full complement of my imagination-I have to get back to get the facts. But then I have to do something else in order to tell the truth of the matter. Sometimes one is obliged to take time out of time and to redefine, to set the time at another time. Or take things out of consequence, out of sequence. They become more consequential when you have the liberty to take them out of sequence.” (Maya Angelou, Writers Dreaming, Pg 27-28)

This morning I want you to re-read all your wrote from our free workshop together and the first class paying close attention to your responses to the prompts:

Writing Prompt: The story I brought with me today to work on is…
Writing Prompt: Who are characters in your story name them. What do they look like? How old are they? Who do they remind you of?
Writing Prompt: What would your character say about their lives? Who are they? What have they been through?
Writing Prompt: About hope… This story is about hope (why or why not) here we are answering what we hope to achieve with our story…
Writing Prompt: Why should we care about your character and their journey?
Writing Prompt: What will make this story memorable? Why this story why now? (think about some of your favorite characters… what makes you read to the end? Why are you invested? What’s at stake?)

You will be building from what you have here or completing your plot treatment. Have a beautiful day.


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