Day 4 ~ WFW Morning Session


Good morning beloved writers! I know that you are exhausted… This is hard work! As I sit here on this call supporting you in getting words on the page I am thinking about all the ways we often think “we aren’t writing enough”, “that our writing sucks” or “that we are a fraud!” When self doubt rises for us, and it will rear its ugly head, as your midwife I will remind you of all that you are made of and all that it takes to get the story out.

So while IT IS hard work to get in that share and to stare at that blank page… please be gentle with yourselves… celebrate the fact that you are at least sitting in front of that blank page… the words will come.

This evening there is an event at the New School: Dangerous Work: An Evening with Toni Morrison. It is a tribute where Toni will receive the 2016 PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction. Something like 30+ books… this might seem intimidating… this might feel unobtainable… insurmountable… we are not here to compare ourselves to other writers. We are here to write. We are called to write OUR truth! Today I am channeling Toni!

I want you to call on all the people who really believe in us… call on the people who want us to succeed… those people who want us to finish this story… those people who want us to write the story we are born to tell. Channel all those cheering for us… this work requires everything you have.

Today we are continuing to build our plot treatment. If you are done read everything you have, print it and read it. Where can you build? What’s missing? What haven’t you said? Everyone else keep typing what you have written in your journals.

Have the most amazing day!


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