Day 5 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers!!! We have completed five days of writing together. You should be proud of yourselves. You are honoring your commitment! I really would love to know how your feeling this morning. What is rising for you? What have you discovered in the pages? Personally, this week has kicked my butt! You keep showing up! It truly feels amazing to be writing with you every morning. We are creating rituals!

Today we are continuing this work. We are building our plot treatment. We are reading what we have. We are taking notes. We are exploring what areas require more writing and what direction we should be going in.

Prompt: What is the thing ready to be released? What’s the story? You know you have a story when you can talk about a subject and the journey of your characters in over 50,000 words… no pressure!

Please confirm whether you can make the time change on weekends. (send me an email).

Have an amazing day!

With love,

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