Day 8 ~ WFW Morning Session


Good morning writers,

Great stories… the most memorable stories… have characters we deeply care about. Each day this week I will be giving you writing prompts designed to assist you with developing your characters. We as individuals grow through learned experiences, so do our characters. We must put them in many uncomfortable and honest situations and allow them to show us how they pull themselves out of it.

These writing prompts may be used for your primary and secondary characters–your protagonist and antagonist:

Writing prompt: My character is motivated by… (are they motivated by family, loyalty, faith, social justice, money, power, rage, love, truth, understanding, sex, legacy and etc.)

What motivates them? Set timer for 25 minutes… then BEGIN! Keep repeating this prompt until you have answers for each of your characters.

Side note: NANOWRIMO – – our team leader adding us. Sign up here:

The concept of NANOWRIMO is to spend the month of November writing your novel. A wonderful feature is that the application calculates your daily word count and you get to write with people all over the world. There are also NANOWRIMO Write In’s — I think I might visit one this month. I will let you know which day I choose to go.

To be added to the Writing from the Womb (WFW) facebook group:

Have a beautiful morning!


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